You should regularly replace your CPAP supplies

You should regularly replace your CPAP supplies

A study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School found 2,000+ bacteria counts evident after just 48 hours on 48 percent of samples from CPAP masks they collected. Another study showed that patients who use CPAP are 32 percent more likely to get pneumonia, in part due to poor CPAP maintenance.

Your CPAP’s accessory equipment is a lot like other frequently used health products, such as your toothbrush or a razor: it deteriorates, ceases to function optimally, and can get germy and unsanitary.

Just like you wouldn’t use the same toothbrush for months on end, it’s important to replace your CPAP equipment to make sure that your machine is as clean, effective, and comfortable as possible. However, unlike a toothbrush, the CPAP equipment may not look worn even though it needs to be replaced. That’s why it’s important to change your equipment following a schedule:

  • Mask – Every 3 months
  • Cushion / Pillows – Every 2 weeks
  • Headgear / Chin Strap – Every 6 months
  • Filters – Every 2 weeks
  • Tubing – Every 3 months
  • Water Chamber – Every 6 months
  • CPAP Device – Every 3 to 7 years

Is COVID-19 more prevalent with sleep apnea?
It’s unclear whether or not you are more likely to get COVID-19 because you are a sleep apnea patient. However, there are things you can do to make sure you stay as safe as possible as well as recognize that using CPAP could increase the risk of infection to others around you.

It is recommended you replace your mask, filters, and tubing as often as possible during this time. At minimum you should replace your cushion once per month, your tubing once every three months, your filters twice per month, and your mask every three months.

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The following FAQ is from the American Academy of Sleep Science:

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